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22 - 26 January 2024

Gobsmacked Productions is partnering with the charities 'Love the One' and 'Morning Star' that support children with artificial limbs and body parts.

Our “heartbeat” is to support each child to find and nurture their gifts and talents through the performing arts.

Patrice will be directing one of her Gobsmacked famous musical productions 'The Tale of Dilbert Clancy & the simply enormous gold nugget of Cooee Dupp' with students aged 6 - 16 years from all over Tauranga in an excellent way to raise funds and promote inclusion and the arts.

Here are a few key points to consider for anyone interested in participating:


If you’re interested in being part of the musical, please add this package to your cart (either 1 child, or 2+ children) and complete the purchase to register them. If more than two children from your family are registering, we are pleased to offer this for the price of 2 children. However if you would like to find a business to sponsor your child to do the holiday program then they would get the following:
  • Their sponsor in our programs
  • Promotion on our social media pages
  • A stall to sell their food or whatever their product is outside Holy Trinity Church in our market that will take place before and after the shows
  • Two free tickets to watch the show if you donate $300
  • Four free tickets to watch the show if you donate $550
  • Eight free tickets to watch the show if you donate $3000

Auditions & First meeting for the whole cast

If you aspire to be a main character, do a singing or rapping solo or even just have a small speaking part you’ll need to come on Friday 8th December at 3:30pm for the character you want to audition for. Make sure to memorise your lines from the audition script and deliver a strong performance to stand out.

If you miss out on getting a main character part do not fret because there are plenty of other speaking parts you can get.

Please download your 'Audition script': Main Character Audition or Singing & Rapping Audition


Keep in mind that if you’re chosen as a main character, there will be classes to attend after school this term in December. The commitment level is higher for the main characters, so make sure you can dedicate both time and effort.

Supporting a Charity:

This musical not only showcases talent but also offers the chance to make a meaningful contribution to a disability charity. The funds raised support people in need.


This Charity Holiday Program is designed to provide a safe and supportive environment where children of all abilities can come together to build lasting friendships, foster mutual understanding, and create cherished memories. Through a carefully curated musical production, we promote teamwork, empathy, and the celebration of diversity.

Join us in establishing heartwarming traditions that children look forward to twice every year. We will adventure to China in July winter holiday to experience Chinese Summer Holiday Program hosted by Kate Liao and Morning Star team.

Please fill this form for Sponsorship

Have Fun:

Lastly, don’t forget that this is meant to be a super fun musical. Enjoy the experience of singing, dancing, and acting alongside students from various schools in the Bay of Plenty.

This production is a great way to get theatrical experience and support a wonderful cause. If you have a passion for theatre and want to make a positive impact, this is the perfect opportunity to entertain and make a difference.